We Assist Co | Branding & Graphic Design

Well you caught us! We Assist Co is our other company, where we help with all things manufacturing, supply chain, business development and more. We worked very hard on developing a very specific brand and asset suite, so we just had to show it off!

We built the brand around two interlinking chains, similar to infinity symbols. This represents We Assist Co’s ethos, which is connecting people, ideas and manufactures to solve business problems. After a few revisions and tweaks with the team, we found our perfect logo.

We then moved onto typography, we wanted something bold, that stands out and is still easy to read. We wanted to use something that is free for commercial use, so we opted for the ‘Poppins’ Google Font. We downloaded the entire font suite to use throughout our branding, content and assets.

Since then, we’ve designed and developed 100+ digital assets and pieces of content, scattered throughout our website, advertisements and social media channels. We’ve developed a very succinct aesthetic which our brand can be easily recognised by.

Check out some of our graphic/branding work below!

Branding & Graphic Design

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