The Locker | Branding & Graphic Design

Our creative team had a lot of fun with this project. Create an entire new brand for a funky, underground cocktail bar, with no limitations!

It’s not often we get to let our creativity flourish in its entirety. Usually the business we’re working with already has a vision of what they want their brand to be. When we had the opportunity to re-brand an old-run down bar in Melbourne’s CBD, we pounced at the opportunity! And boy, the owner was extremely happy with the results!

We began by developing a concept for the bar, which would eventuate to its new name. Being a cozy underground spot, with no windows and funky metal/industrial features, we landed on ‘The Locker’. We took inspiration from old-school American school lockers, creating an awesome, cool, funky and underground theme for the venue.

We incorporated logo’s, design mockups, typography guidelines and a visual brand guide to assist in the venue’s development. We created visual assets, including bran-new menu’s (with a curated drinks list), social media content and much more.

We did this in conjunction with a full venue refurb, including lighting, sound, bar, painting, and the list goes on.

We really did do it all!

Branding & Graphic Design

  • Entire Brand Guide
  • Logo & Visual Asset Suite
  • Typography
  • Menu Graphic Design
  • Visual Assets
  • Social Media Content