Safe & Sound | Digital Marketing

Safe & Sound Pet Transport has one mission, to deliver your furry friend to their destination, safe and sound.

After building his new brand, website and digital assets, he asked us for help with digital marketing and lead generation. We jumped at the opportunity and the results have been incredible.

We pitched two online marketing campaigns, one through Facebook/Instagram (SMM) and then a keyword focused Google Ad (PPC).

We began with the design of the banner ad for social media. We created the ad graphic to be in-line with the brand guide we’d made previously, utilising images of cute pets to draw attention from the viewer. We then wrote the copy for the ad and launched it across Facebook and Instagram. We used very specific targeting across multiple Australian states, to initiate website traffic and bookings directly through the site.

We then launched a Google ad, with specific keywords to maintain a CPC (cost per click) as low as possible, whilst remaining the top pinned site for Pet Transport Google searches.

We worked very closely with the owner, Ben, to ensure full transparency with how to use, operate and maintain the digital presence of his business. Being from a rural area, Ben’s understanding of digital marketing was scarce, so we worked hard to ensure his marketing was outstanding from a design perspective, and also easy to manage.

We created tutorial videos specifically for the owner, to show him how to update, manage and change his online marketing campaigns.

It was a pleasure working with Ben and we’re stoked to see the incredible results he’s getting since working with us!

Digital Marketing

  • Facebook / IG Ad Graphic Design
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Detailed Targeting & Execution through Facebook Ads Manager
  • Google Ad Keyword Research
  • Google Ad Copywriting
  • Google Ad Detailed Targeting
  • Tutorial Videos for management of campaigns