Safe & Sound | Branding & Graphic Design

Safe & Sound Pet Transport has one mission, to deliver your furry friend to their destination, safe and sound.

The owner, Ben required our assistance with developing his online presence. He had been running his business entirely through Facebook, with no logo, digital assets or website. Nothing but a Facebook page, some cute dog pics and a loyal following!

We began by creating a visual design concept for his new logo and brand. We hit the nail on the head first try! Pastel colours, warm, bubbly typography and a logo emblem that represented exactly what he did. We ended up with an awesome emblem of a van with a dog and cat sticking their happy faces out of the window! Ben was ecstatic with the results.

We then designed and developed a bunch of digital assets, including a route map, cover images, icons and more. We also developed a tone of voice for his brand, and wrote all the copy for his website, in-line with his new brand guide.

We worked very closely with the owner, Ben, to ensure full transparency with how to use, operate and maintain the digital presence of his business. Being from a rural area, Ben’s understanding of digital marketing was scarce, so we worked hard to ensure his digital assets, website and marketing were all outstanding from a design perspective, and also easy to manage.

We have had incredible feedback from both Ben and his clients on his new brand and digital assets. We are extremely happy to see the incredible results Ben is now achieving through his businesses strong digital presence.

Branding & Graphic Design

  • Entire Brand Guide
  • Logo & Visual Asset Suite
  • Typography
  • Map Graphic Design
  • Visual Assets
  • Copywriting